Appointment Personnel
Functions of Appointment Department

The Department of   Appointment   is the  coordinating   agency   of  the   State Government in personnel  matters  of  Indian Service, 

Provincial  Civil Service   and  Provincial Civil  service ( Judicial ).  Transfer posting,  training,  Foreign  assignment,   Foreign training  

and Compliant  monitoring and settlement. The   Department  also   concern  with  the  process  responsive people oriented modern


Setup of the Appointment Department is as follows :

   Principal Secretary/Secretary
   Special Secretary / Joint Secretary
    Deputy Secretary / Under Secretary
   Section Officer

The Appointment Department comprises Of following Sections.


Appointment Section -  I   


Appointment Section - II
    Appointment Section - III
   Appointment Section - IV
   Appointment Section - V
   Appointment Section - VI
   Appointment Section - VII
   Appointment Section - VIII
   Account Section
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Functions of Personnel Department
The Department of Personnel is responsible for forming and the regulating of the rules and regulations for Government officers
related  with  Appeal, Representation, Nationality, Integrity  Certificate,  C.C.A.  Rules, Punishment and Appeal Rules,
Government  Servant  conducts  Rule, Model  Draft  Rules  etc.  Provides opinion to  the  Departments  of  Secretariat and other
 departments in the matter of condition of service and regulation for recruitment to the subordinate services.
Also responsible for  framing  of  Policy  and  giving  advice  in  the  matter of appointment in Civil Service of Ex-army
Personals and combined competitive Examination of different Services. The personnel department is also looking
after the Departmental examination of officers, constitutions of subordinated service board and there related regulations.

Setup of the Personnel Department is as follows.

   Principal Secretary/Secretary
   Special Secretary 
   Deputy Secretary/Under Secretary
   Section Officer
The Personnel Department comprises Of following sections.
   Personnel    Section -  I
    Personnel    Section -  II
   Personnel    Section -  III
  Personnel    Section -  IV
   Training Cell
   Niyamavali (Rules) Cell

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